I have been working in the Visual Effects and Computer Animation industries for over 15 years, contributing images to over 20 feature films. Using tools such as Maya, Arnold, RenderMan, Massive, and Nuke, I have experience in generating particles, procedural animation, rigid body dynamics, crowd simulations, expression driven images, character lighting, production pipeline development, and database programming.

Offering both technical and aesthetic leadership, I have supervised talented teams of Technical Directors and FX animators on highly complex productions, in many different parts of the world. My most recent projects include Planes: Fire and Rescue, Planes, Puss in Boots, Kung Fu Panda 2, Alice in Wonderland, and GI Joe.

Specialties: Maya Procedural Animation, Particles / Dynamics / Fluids (RealFlow), Crowd Simulation (Massive), Mel / Perl / Python Scripting, Pipeline Design and Tool Development, Production Database Programming (Shotgun / SGTK), Project Bidding, Artist Allocation and Team Building.

You can check out my latest Demo Reels, or contact me via email at seth@unreeled.com

G-Force Marketing (2009)

Fur / Character Pipeline
and Rendering

Red Cliff (2009)

CG Ships, Water, Environment
and Crowds

GI Joe (2009)

Facial Transformation